Mexican Hairy Porcupine

Coundou mexicanus
Spanish > Puercoespin

My name is SIMPSON

A porcupine is an agile and intelligent mammal with a prehensile tail.

Simpson dropped out of a tree right into the coati habitat. Of course all the coati’s started to play with the porcupine and thus the coati’s ended up with a lot of quills in their noses, mouths, tongs, and legs.
A porcupine will fluff out the fur and spines to look larger and more intimidating to potential predators. Simpson did loose a lot of his quills to the coati’s and was damaged by them.

He needed to recover a while at the center, but has since been released back in this park area. Although widespread, the porcupine is seldom seen. Porcupines are nocturnal.

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