Mantled Howler Monkey

Alouatta palliate
Spanish > Mono Congo

My name is GOLDIE

While seldom aggressive, howler monkeys do not take well to captivity and are of surly disposition. People thought they could keep Goldie as a pet but when she was getting skin problems and skin worms they contacted Tree of Life.

My name is BRUNO

The Tree of Life Wildlife rescue center did receive a phone call about a howler monkey which was attacked by 2 dogs. We went to pick up the monkey which had heavy bleeding from the wounds caused by the dogs. He was unconscious and in a severe condition. It took him 24 hours to “wake up”.

The veterinarian did advise to not sow up the big cuts he had but wash them out daily. Bruno was obviously weakened by all the blood he lost. He did not make any problems when we were cleaning his wounds (like he knew that he needed help).

In about two week’s time Bruno was much stronger again, his wounds dried, and almost healed. We did reintroduce him to his own environment and we still see him now and then passing here in the park area.

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