White-nosed Coati

Nasua Nasua
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This is Rosie, the coati.

Coatis are sometimes hunted for their porklike meat. When they are hunted extensively, they tend to become more nocturnal. Sometimes they irk people by raiding garbage bins, or crops such as corn and cardamom. Since coatis habituate easily to people they are among Costa Rica’s frequently seen wild animals. In some cases they are used as pets just like Rosie was. Rosie was a pet in the town of Limon. Rosie was fed with candy and the owner was driving around on his bicycle with the coati on his shoulder.

Here are Tommy, Timmy and Tessy.

Tommy, Timmy and Tessy are born at Tree of Life. Their mother is Rosie and their father is Philly.

This is Philly, the coati.

Philly was brought by somebody that found him without mother. He was still a little baby so he needed help. The people who found the coati had taken good care of him. Even so the coati had developed infections on feet and tail and was then brought to Tree of Life... Because of those infections this coati lost a piece of his tail. Coatis face unregulated hunting and the serious threat of environmental destruction.

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